With more than 20 years of sales and marketing experiences at Lufthansa Cargo, Mr. Chusak Chuenprayoth has recognized the opportunity to develop exporting business, especially agricultural products because Thailand is famous for being the abundance country with various kinds of fruit and vegetable that are highly demanded in the international market. Thereby he has started to study the possibility of doing this agricultural product exporting business by himself along  with asking for some advice from British friend  who has been doing the importing and exporting business under the company named Saturnalia UK. He finally decided to start this business in 2000 and named the company Kamphaeng-saen Commercial Co., Ltd. which now is changed the name into ‘KC Fresh Co., Ltd.’

KC Fresh Co., Ltd. is a fruit and vegetable exporter to the UK and the EU (European Union)  with the policy complying  with the quality and safety food standards, therefore food safety system is implemented in every process, from raw material sources to deliver to the consumers, to ensure that all fresh fruits and vegetables under the brand 'KC Fresh'  are fresh, clean and absolutely safe from any kind of contaminations

Currently, Mr. Chusak Chuenprayoth is also a lecturer for the Department  of  various sectors. He, furthermore, is an important part to develop the fresh produces standard of Thailand  with the position of ThaiGAP Institute’s President, The Thai Chamber of Commerce and The Vice President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in 2017-2018.

  • The starting year of officially doing fruit and vegetable exporting business under the company named Kamphaeng-saen Commercial Co., Ltd., the fresh fruit and vegetable exporter under the brand KC Fresh.
  • Implementing the food safety standard HACCP (Hazard  Analysis and Critical Control points)  which is the regulations of the committee of FAO/WHO in the packing house to ensure that every product of KC Fresh is safe from any kind of risk from contaminations.  
  • Developing farming system by implementing the standard of EUREPGAP  which  was initiated by the European retailers  with the objectives to provide safety fresh produces to the European consumers. The requirement  was  the practice to verify and control the quality of fresh produces from the farm to the factory; therefore the cooperation with Kasetsart University Kamphaeng-saen Campus  was  set up to create  the human developing course to expertise people in agricultural area to be able to comply with the standard and also to create the IT data base system of the produce which led to the traceability system for every product.
  • The products of KC Fresh were distributed in two Thai supermarkets : Tops Supermarket  and Gloden Place.
  • Dontoom Farm which is KC Fresh’s contract farm was certified with EUREPGAP standard which made KC Fresh gaining more opportunity and more acceptance in the UK market.
  • KC Fresh established Dontan Farm in Supanburi, where the produces were planted in the Greenhouse which applied from Jordan farming system and all practices in the farm followed EUREPGAP requirements. Dontan was certified  with EUREPGAP standard in 2005.
  • Stepping up toward the packing house standard by studying the implementation of BRC (The British Retail Consortium) standard that focuses on the quality, safety and legal regulations in every process, from raw materials from suppliers to deliver products to consumers, with traceability system provided for every product.
  • Inventing Ready to Cook Products that answered British consumer lifestyle by developing heat sealing film with Amcor Limited, UK in order to control the quality of fresh fruit and vegetable and extend the shelf life of produces until they reach the consumers.
  • In 2004, KC Fresh’s packing house was certified with BRC standard. Ready to Cook Products were then distributed in the UK and expanded to European countries: The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.
  • Continuing the development to another one more kind of the product: Ready to Eat Fruit for answering the European consumers who want to consume safety fresh fruits with the delicious taste. Beside the freshness, Thai’s unique and beautiful crafted fruits was prepared for the consumers in every pack.
  • Kamphaeng-saen Commercial Co., Ltd. cooperated with MTEC under the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Ministry of Science and Technology to create the experiment and development of fresh produce packaging in order to extend the produce’s shelf-life.
  • With the good response from the consumers of Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat, their demands were more expanded in UK, many countries in EU and also in Russia.
  • Expanding the market of Ready to Eat Fruit to Japan for a short period, in which the most popular one was Ready to Eat Mangosteen.
  • EUREPGAP standard announced the name changing to GLOBALG.A.P. in order to be congruent with the extension of the standard in many countries. After changing the name, many countries have established their farming standard and benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P. The requirements were translated into each country’s language.
  • Therefore, Kamphaeng-saen Commercial Co., Ltd. worked in cooperation with The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Kasetsart University Kamphaeng-saen Campus to translate the requirements of  GLOBALG.A.P. into Thai language, also to establish and benchmark ThaiGAP standard with GLOBALG.A.P. as the practice for Thai entrepreneurs be able to understand and implement the standard.
  • European Union (EU) had published the regulations to intensively randomly examine risk group of produces from the third world countries that exported to EU with the following of Regulation (EC) No 669/2009; thereby the company has reduced many exporting produces such as holy basil, sweet basil, Chinese kale, chili,etc.
  • The demand of Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat were continuously increasing,especially in Russia, where Ready to Eat Pomelo was very favored and there used to be at least 5,000 packs exporting per week.
  • Adjusting the business plan by expanding the domestic market. KC Fresh’s products has been distributed in the well known supermarkets all over Thailand, such as Tops Supermarket, Max Value, Gourmet Market, Foodland , Lemon Farm, Golden Place, Tung Hua Seng, and Rimping in Chiangmai
  • Developing the labour standard following the SMETA (The Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) and the basic regulation of ETI Base Code (Ethical Trading Initiative) or Trading Ethics and Social Responsibility to encourage the respect of labour rights, thus every employee will receive the equality in the work place according to the human rights that will lead to the sustainable good life of all employees.
  • Kamphaeng-saen Commercial Co., Ltd. has changed the name to KC Fresh Co., Ltd. since 2015 and we still continuously develop the quality and safety of fresh produces as well as maintain the food safety standard in our process in order to supply the high quality and safety produces to consumers both in domestic market and global market.
  • KC Fresh Co., Ltd. keeps going to develop the quality of fresh produces and adhere to the system of production that qualified and certified with International standards in order to continuously supply the quality and safety products to consumer both in Thailand and oversea. More than this, the company offers the consumer another choice, which is organic products under the name of
    “Organic + by KC Fresh”. The fresh organic vegetables that are grown in the farming system certified with Organic Thailand standard, and packed in the packing house certified with the same standard, to ensure the customer that fresh vegetables with the name Organic + is not only free from chemical but is also safe from the microorganisms, which make them the really, truly fresh, clean and safe products.