"Organic Vegetables" is an eco-friendly farming environment, as it is a vegetable that is derived from planting processes that do not use any chemical or synthetic substances in any step of the process, whether they are pesticides, plant fertilizers, or the use of hormones. The growing area must be clearly checked as it is far away from sources that cause chemical contamination, such as factories or even other agricultural areas where chemicals are used, so organic vegetables are grown in a natural way in the natural soil, with the use of natural fertilizer and non-genetically decorated seeds. The organic vegetables are considered as 100% natural food.

Organic vegetables under the name of "Organic + by KC Fresh (organic plus by K. C. Fresh)" comes from the sources that certified with Organic Thailand and enhances consumer confidence with the production certified with same standard, thereby making the products free from chemical and safe from microorganisms that may be derived from the cultivation process. Consumer can be sure that vegetables of "Organic + by KC Fresh" are really fresh and safe.